Oklahoma Creative Photographer

Bear Ride

“This land is going to be yours,” says the bear, in a low voice. The words are deep, little more than the babble of water running over stones,…

Oklahoma Professional Head Shot Photographer

Weekend Together

Embers crackle in the hearth, the perfect backdrop for the evening. There aren’t too many days like this – haven’t been in a while. That’s life, I suppose….

Male Professional Head Shots

Joey Professional Head Shots


Motorcycle portraits in Norman

Oklahoma Portrait Portfolio


Oklahoma Fashion Photographer

Oklahoma Fashion Portfolio


Kami Ray Family Portraits

Kami Ray’s Family Portraits

Just Like You Last week, she wanted to be a doctor. You came home and found flower print Band-Aid’s wrapped around the legs of her stuffed animals. She…

Oklahoma Glamour Portraits with Jessica

Jessica’s Portrait Head Shots

The sun is a blinding backdrop for the picture. It grabs hold of the sand, twisting against it, pulling it down and reflecting it back tenfold. It’s just…

Memory Lane with Pamela K.

Memory Lane with Pamela

There’s a lake just a few miles away from my house. When I was younger, I’d spend the entire summer out there. We weren’t actually allowed to swim…

Meet & Greet Bricktown

Modeling Meet and Greet in Oklahoma City


Caitlin's Family Portraits

Caitlin Biggs Family Portraits

Snowflakes In Summer There’s no snow on the ground. It almost doesn’t look like winter. The frost vanished with the rising morning sun, and the wind is cool…

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