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Weekend Together

Embers crackle in the hearth, the perfect backdrop for the evening. There aren’t too many days like this – haven’t been in a while. That’s life, I suppose....

Art of Tyme Professional Head Shot

Head Shot Photographer

A good head shot says a lot about your character and what you can do. As a professional head shot photographer in Oklahoma City, I hear all the...


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Norman Portrait Photographer

Oklahoma Portrait Portfolio



Eckman’s Generational Portraits

"Wandering Days"    It’s been a long time since they’ve come out this way. Danny still remembers the trail like he was the one who made it, leaping...

Eckman Christmas Portraits

Eckman Family Portraits



Caitlin Biggs Family Portraits

"Snowflakes In Summer"     There’s no snow on the ground. It almost doesn’t look like winter. The frost vanished with the rising morning sun, and the wind is...


Modeling Meet and Greet in Oklahoma City

Getting the opportunity to work with new talent is always a pleasure. Since arriving back to Oklahoma, I have had the honor to meet with new models starting...


Wildlife Refuge Shoot


Curesearch Fashion Show Photographer Yukon

CureSearch Fashion Show


Car Wash Photographer OKC

Car Wash Fundraising


Behind the scenes in the QOTU

Behind the Scenes Queen of the Underground

Queen of the Underground by a Behind the Scenes Photographer in Oklahoma You can see images of the Queen of the Underground Actor Shoot. (0)

Queen of the Underground actor shoot

Queen of the Underground in Moore

Queen of the Underground Being giving another opportunity to work with Ricky Holderbee, I was asked if interested in shooting portraits of the cast for his next short...

Nathaniel Ray Portraits at Lake Hefner

Nathaniel Ray Miami Vice Themed


Oklahoma Portrait Photographer

Memory Lane

There’s a lake just a few miles away from my house. When I was younger, I’d spend the entire summer out there. We weren’t actually allowed to swim...

Turtle Queen by Art of Tyme

Riding the Turtle

A salt stained wind blows in from the east. There’s a storm brewing. It’s going to be a big one, the sort that brings great waves crashing against...


Teleflora Corporate Photography


Art of Tyme Ballerina Shoot

Miki Kawamura Ballerina

Pirouette. Plié. Arabesque. Attitude. Assemble. I run through the motions like a wind up doll, following the same path that I have time and again. The names of...

Professional Head Shots by Art of Tyme

Jestiny Orange Portraits


Portraits by Art of Tyme

Vanh C


Couple Photographer in Norman

Michelle & John


Family Portraits By Art of Tyme

Just Like You

"Kami Ray Family Portraits"    Last week, she wanted to be a doctor. You came home and found flower print Band-Aid’s wrapped around the legs of her stuffed...

Oklahoma Themed Photographer

Sherry’s Retro Photo Shoot

“Come on,” says Sherry. “You don’t really think this is going to get us anywhere, do you?” “Sherry, baby, honey – I know that this is going to...

Moore Glamour Photographer

Kylie’s Beauty Head Shot


Maritza Pregnancy Photos

Maritza Pregnancy Pics


Oklahoma head shot photographer

Jessica’s Portrait Head Shots

The sun is a blinding backdrop for the picture. It grabs hold of the sand, twisting against it, pulling it down and reflecting it back ten fold. It’s...

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Nathaniel Goodwin